Weber Metals


Engineered Hand Forgings


Regional jet Wing Spar

20’-0” long
Stepped and Tapered

Commercial Jet Crown Frame

Weight: 750 lbs.

Frame 2

Monolithic Cockpit Window Frame

Weight: 2,400 lbs
Metal Type: Al
Contoured in two directions
Stress Relieved


Near net structural engineered hand forging

Dimensions: 80” x 75”
Metal Type: Al
Weight: 2911 lbs.
PVA: 5800 in^2



Empennage fin bulkhead support

Dimensions: 95” x 35”
Metal Type: Al
Weight: 653 lbs.
PVA: 2274 in^2

mount forging

Mount Forging

Dimensions: 50” x 20”
Metal Type: Ti
Weight: 254 lbs.
PVA: 809 in^2

Cockpit window frame for a business jet

Dimensions: 72” x 35” Metal Type: Al
Weight: 356 lbs.
PVA: 1316 in^2


Wing to fuselage fitting for a business jet

Dimensions: 65” x 10”
Metal Type: Ti
Weight: 190 lbs.
PVA: 307 in^2


Bulkhead for regional jet

Dimensions: 103” x 55”
Metal Type: Al
Weight: 423 lbs.
PVA: 1466 in^2

Structural bulkhead

Dimensions: 38” x 23”
Metal Type: Ti
Weight: 314 lbs.
PVA: 550 in^2

fuselage keel chord

Fuselage keel chord

Dimensions: 155” x 10”
Metal Type: Ti
Weight: 513 lbs.
PVA: 1170 in^2

Incremental Forging

Part saves ~20% weight with thinner webs, less coverage, and no additional material for tool tabs. This is possible with the 60K press and other recent improvements

monolithic sup

Large Monolithic Forging 

Using Weber’s vast experience and engineering expertise, we were able to replace 5 customer parts with a single forging. This saves part weight and significant machining cost.


Rotating assembly for helicopter

Dimensions: 75” diameter
Metal Type: Ti
Weight: 1350 lbs.
PVA: 2260 in^2

Rotating assembly for helicopter

Dimensions: 25” x 25”
Metal Type: Ti
Weight: 480 lbs.
PVA: 981 in^2

Engine Disk for aircraft engine

Dimensions: 44” diameter
Metal Type: Ti
Weight: 1000 lbs.
PVA: 1550 in^2

Rolled Rings

At Weber, we take pride in our ability to deliver precision-crafted rings that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our extensive range of products, including Rectangular and Profile rings that can be tailored to your exact specifications.

Expansive Size Capabilities

We understand that the scope of your projects can vary greatly. That’s why we’ve invested in cutting-edge equipment and technology to ensure we can accommodate a wide range of requirements. Our capabilities extend to crafting Rectangular and Profile rings with impressive dimensions.

  • Diameter: Our rings can reach sizes of up to 140 inches in diameter, providing the versatility needed for both large-scale and intricate applications.
  • Height: With a height capability of up to 35 inches, our rings are designed to meet the demands of diverse projects, from compact components to towering structures.

Tailored To Your Specifications
One of the key strengths of Weber is our dedication to customization. We understand that no two projects are alike, and our experienced team is ready to collaborate closely with you to craft rings that precisely match your specifications. Whether you require rings for aerospace, industrial, or specialized applications, we have the expertise to deliver tailored solutions that exceed your expectations.


Rolled Rings Stock Image 3

Closed Die Forging


OPEN Die Forging