Large Monolithic Forgings

Featured Large Monolithic Forging Projects

Mount Forging

Dimensions: 50” x 20”

Metal Type: Ti

Weight: 254 lbs.

PVA: 809 in^2

Cockpit window frame
for a business jet

Dimensions: 72” x 35”

Metal Type: Al

Weight: 356 lbs.

PVA: 1316 in^2

Wing to fuselage fitting
for a business jet

Dimensions: 65” x 10”

Metal Type: Ti

Weight: 190 lbs.

PVA: 307 in^2

Empennage fin
bulkhead support

Dimensions: 95” x 35”

Metal Type: Al

Weight: 653 lbs.

PVA: 2274 in^2

Bulkhead for regional jet

Dimensions: 103” x 55”

Metal Type: Al

Weight: 423 lbs.

PVA: 1466 in^2

Fuselage keel chord

Dimensions: 155” x 10”

Metal Type: Ti

Weight: 513 lbs.

PVA: 1170 in^2

Structural bulkhead

Dimensions: 38” x 23”

Metal Type: Ti

Weight: 314 lbs.

PVA: 550 in^2

Weber’s Large Monolithic Forgings Capabilities

We have the ability to produce and stress relieve large monolithic forgings reducing final part weight

Our large presses allow for us to design and replace multiple parts with a single forged piece.

Large Monolithic Forging Case Study

Using Weber’s vast experience and engineering expertise, we were able to replace 5 customer parts with a single forging. This saves part weight and significant machining cost.

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