Weber Metals



AS9100D (ISO9001:2015) Certified Management System

ISO14001:2015 Certified Environmental Management System

Delegated Supplier Quality Representative for Several Major Prime Contractors

Nadcap Approvals

Measurement & Inspection – for CMM and 3DSL (GOM)

Heat Treatment – including tensile, macrostructure/grain flow, microstructure, electrical conductivity and hardness (Rockwell B) testing

Non-Destructive – for Ultrasonic & Penetrant Inspection (including Pre-penetrant etch for aluminum)

Materials Testing Laboratories – for Hydrogen Elemental Analysis in Titanium, tensile testing, microstructure, macrostructure, hardness testing (Rockwell), electrical conductivity testing, and standard specimen machining

Supplier Resources

Weber Metals has systems and processing approved by AS9100 as well as Nadcap accreditation by PRI for the Aerospace and Defense contracts.

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services on time that meet the requirements of our customers. We actively improve performance and ensure employee development efforts in order to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction.

Our Environmental Policy

We are committed to ensuring that the protection of the environment is part of the design of our workplace. We will meet our compliance obligations and continually improve our operations
with the objective of minimizing our environmental impact.