Understanding the Artform

The art of forging is being augmented by the science of forging at an increasingly rapid rate. Thus, as service requirements for mechanical parts have become more severe, forging has become more than the mere shaping of metal. Forging permits the structure of metals to be refined and controlled to provide improved mechanical properties.
Also, forging produces a continuous “grain flow” in the metal which can be oriented to follow the shape of the part and result in maximum strength efficiency of the material. Since virtually all metals can be forged – from aluminum to zirconium – extensive combinations of mechanical and physical properties are available to meet demanding space age applications.
“Without forgings – and the performance characteristics they provide – autos, airplanes, trucks, farm implements, earthmoving machines, missiles, industrial engines and machine, and the implements of national defense, as we know them, would not be feasible.” *
* Forging Industry Association, 1970, p. 1-4)