Process Capabilities

Open die forging / forming to create unique preform shapes for closed-die forgings and engineered hand forgings

Closed die forging to create complex forging shapes, concurrently engineered with our customers for ease of manufacture and machinability

  • – 10,000 lb drop-bottom electric furnace for solution treatment of aluminum
  • – 50,000 lb gas-fired age furnace for aluminum
  • – Two 12,000 lb salt bath age furnaces for aluminum
  • – High-temperature solution treatment and engineered cooling solutions for titanium forgings

Non-destructive testing to verify surface and internal material integrity, including:

  • – State-of-the-art fluorescent penetrant inspection lines for small and large forgings
  • – Four ultrasonic inspection tanks allowing inspection of open and closed die forgings

Secondary processing:

  • Water jet / torch cutting
  • Conventional contour cutting
  • Hand and large-scale grinding equipment to remove surface burrs and imperfections

Metallurgical testing:

  • In-house test material removal / machining
  • Macro/microstructural prep / etch / evaluation
  • Grain flow evaluation
  • In-house wet lab
  • Tensile testing