Engineered Hand Forgings

Featured Engineered Hand Forging Products

Regional jet Wing Spar

20’-0” long

Stepped and Tapered

Commercial Jet
Crown Frame

Weight: 750 lbs.

Monolithic Cockpit
Window Frame

Weight: 2,400 lbs

Metal Type: Al

Contoured in two directions

Stress Relieved

Near net structural engineered hand forging

Dimensions: 80” x 75”

Metal Type: Al

Weight: 2911 lbs.

PVA: 5800 in^2

Weber’s Engineered Hand Forging Capabilities

Up to 7x less material compared to plate

Low residual stress in EHF parts

Multi directional bend capable

Maximum weight 8,000lbs

Maximum cross section of 30”
LT Stress relief with LT:ST less than 6:1

Engineered Hand Forging Case Study

A rich history of Engineered Hand forgings allow us to create this 13 ft long contoured and stress relieved hand forging. This technology saves 50% metal vs a conventional slab.