A Balance of Art and Science

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A Balance of Art and Science

In earlier days forging was the process of shaping metal by heating and hammering.

Today, metal is not always heated for forging and the work may be performed by several types of heavy machines which apply impact or squeeze pressure with swift precision.

In today’s forging industry the skill and seasoned judgment of the forgeman is enhanced by the machines of modern technology to produce metal parts of unparalleled strength and utility.

Our Markets Include:

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Business, Regional, & Commercial Jets

Rotor Craft

Land-Based Power Generation

Semiconductors Capitol Equipment

Space Programs

Military Fixed Wing

Aero Engine

Weber also serves other industrial markets where safety-critical applications exist, requiring strong and reliable forgings.

Whether the uses are for structural or power systems to help our astronauts explore the far reaches of our galaxy, for high pressure atmospheres for wafer-chip manufacturing, or for energy infrastructure applications to help bring power to your home, Weber’s forgings provide the quality and strength to get the job done.


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AS9100D (ISO9001:2015) Certified Management System

ISO14001:2015 Certified Environmental Management System

Delegated Supplier Quality Representative for Several Major Prime Contractors

Nadcap Approvals

Measurement & Inspection – for CMM and 3DSL (GOM)

Heat Treatment – including tensile, macrostructure/grain flow, microstructure, electrical conductivity and hardness (Rockwell B) testing

Non-Destructive – for Ultrasonic & Penetrant Inspection (including Pre-penetrant etch for aluminum)


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Weber Unveils the 60,000 Ton Press

            On Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 Weber Metals and OTTO FUCHS KG unveiled our 60,000-TON forging press. An over $180 million investment, the 60,000-TON press is the world’s largest private investment in aerospace metal forging, As a result, Weber will double its employment to 800 jobs.

Weber Celebrates the Largest Press in North America

In a ground-breaking ceremony held at Weber Metals on April 16th, 2014, the OTTO FUCHS Group took the first step towards the largest single equipment investment it has made in its 104 year history.